Smoothstreams is another IPTV paid service I highly recommend geared more to the sports fanatics. They do have a few TV show channels but it is mostly sports. Their guide is one of the best I have seen and it is very easy to use.  I personally use Smoothstreams for their reliability and no buffer smooth (pun intended) streams.  They pretty much have all the sports games whether it be NBA, NHL, tennis, motorsports, wrestling, you name they have it.

How do you get a Smoothstream account?

Sign up here:

How do I use my Smoothstream account?

Its in the Durex Build under PAID section. Go to SMOOTH SETTINGS in the sub-menu enter your details of your account username and password.  Recommend choosing Auto Select Server. Then select ‘OK’.  After, go to Smoothstream icon then select.

I have questions?

Follow SmoothStreamsTV on twitter and ask them a question:

or log onto your account if you have one and go to their chat room:

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