What is Dexter TV?

Dexter TV is one of the more popular reliable IPTV services that is implemented in the PAID section of Durex Build. Although I recommend this service, I am not affiliated, profit, or provide help/support for the add-on or service. Please do not message me with questions about your Dexter Service. Send a ticket through the their payment page or join their Facebook group (you need to be invited by someone already a member of the group. Below is how to acquire a subscription with Dexter TV ( partly copied from their Facebook pin post).

How do you acquire a subscription for Dexter TV?

Get Dexter here:
Select the “G1Hosting Special” – Starting from £9
Login Details –
Click on “My Account” click on your service.
Click on “My service details”
Your username & password are shown here.

Note: Your username and password for the payment site  are different than your login details for the add-on. Be sure you have the correct username and password.

How do I use this in Durex Build?

Once you have your username and & password you can go to the PAID section of Durex Build > submenu: DEXTER SETTINGS, select > enter your username & password > be sure to select ‘OK’ to save the data. Once information implemented, I recommend  to clear cache under SYSTEM section. Go back to PAID section then select the Dexter Pro icon.

I have question about my service, who do I ask?

Raise a Support Ticket here :
When raising a ticket please provide some level of information.
In terms of what you may have tried, rather than just ‘its not working’..